The comedy and cute movie, Boss Baby will be your child’s favorite of all time.

This is a wonderful and creative movie which your child will love to see. Do you want to know where children come from? Do you want to spend time with your children and enjoy this comedy filled movie? Children do you want to see what baby’s talk about with their other baby friends? Well this movie review will tell you a lot about this movie.

This movie is about a baby who is having a special mission to keep babies over their rivals which are puppies. The babies are trying to stop the epidemic of people liking puppies more than babies. If they don’t stop this pandemic puppies can get higher in the cuter scale and take over people liking babies more.

Boss Baby is in the family, animation, and comedy genre. This movie is mostly for families with small kids because of what the story is about. Also it is full of children comedy that doesn’t have any bad jokes and does not you profane language. The message of the movie is family is everything and you always should get to know someone before you judge them because you never know if your views of that person might change.

The director of this movie is Tom McGrath and the main characters are played by Alec Baldwin, Miles Bakshi, Steve Buscemi, Jimmy Kimmel, Lisa Kudrow, and Tobey Maguire. The many conflicts are character vs character because the babies and the puppies are having a conflict and trying to win the love of people. Also mostly throughout the movie Boss Baby and Tim were fighting because they did not like each other very much.

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In the beginning it shows where babies comes from so it focuses on the main character which is boss baby. This to me showed that I know that this will be one of the main characters in this movie. Also it focuses on Tim which tells me that will be one of the main characters in the movie. There are many sounds in the movie, in the beginning it has a song about heaven which is linked to the movie because it is showing a baby which looks like he’s in heaven. Also the song is calming and gives you that happiness in the beginning of the movie helping you get settled to watch the movie. Throughout the movie when the conflicts were happening they played adrenaline filmed music and music that gives you a little bit of suspense. This just builds up the conflict which helps you know when the specific action parts come in.

If I had to give this movie a grade then I would give it a 100% because this movie is amazing. For being in the family genre it is great because even as a teen it still made me smile and even put some tears in my eyes when the sad parts came in. This movie was also very full of comedy, I was watching it by myself and the movie still cracked me up. This movie succeeded because of how it is family friendly, funny, and full of action. Also Alec Baldwin plays a really funny role as Boss Baby which makes me just crack up.

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In conclusion, this movie is great in many ways, it is for the family and if you want to bond with your kids then this would be the movie to go and watch. Even as a teen I loved this movie because it made me laugh, smile, and put tears in my eyes. For being a children’s movie, this movie showed great emotions of how a relationship can change just because of a conflict that made the characters come together. Also the theme of what the movie is showing you is just good for your children to learn because their enemies might turn into their closest friends like Boss Baby and Tim did.

-Josh Rubino


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