Exploring Film Criticism with a New Perspective

My perspective of film criticism has changed dramatically throughout this class. When I first started in this class I thought film criticism is where you view a movie and just say bad things that you saw throughout the movie but when I got further into the class I learned that there is more to film criticism than I thought before. I know now that film critics have to look at different things like what is the theme of the movie, what audiences is it trying to appeal to, the costumes, the acting, the conflicts between characters, and more. Also film critics can have a lot of different opinions on movies, it doesn’t always have to bad or it doesn’t always have to be good.

Since this class I do approach film differently than I did before, movies like Batman and It’s a Wonderful Life gives me many different perspectives when I watch them again. Also when I watch a film I look at it more in depth than I did before, I look at the character conflicts, the theme the movie is trying to portray or show, how good the acting is, if the acting is good, etc. Also every movie I watch I want to be able to put myself in that same situation and see if what the character emotions are and the actions that they do I would show and do also. When I watch a movie I also know what to look for and how to grade each aspect of the movie because of from what I have learned throughout this whole class.

The things that are in tune with me now in filmmaking is the camera angles, sound, and how those things can affect the movie overall. In filmmaking I know that different camera angles can shape the movie, in the beginning of movies from before that I have watched they put the camera focussing on a person which tells me that this person will be the main character. Also camera angles that are in action movies show either the action close up or from a far away distance which makes you sit at the edge of your seat because you’re able to see the action fully. The sound also is a very important part because sound can make the mood of any situation fell more real. Like an action movie, in the parts where they are fighting the sound will make you listen into the fighting and the music helps build up that suspense that makes you want to sit and keep watching to see what happens next.

The many things that I appreciate know that I have never appreciated before is being able to look at a movie and not only judge it for the way it is but also from what is not only shown in the movie. Also I appreciate the hard work of not only the actors but of the whole crew being able to see different camera angles and picking the sound is amazing in every way for me.

-Josh Rubino


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