Exploring Film Criticism with a New Perspective

My perspective of film criticism has changed dramatically throughout this class. When I first started in this class I thought film criticism is where you view a movie and just say bad things that you saw throughout the movie but when I got further into the class I learned that there is more to film criticism than I thought before. I know now that film critics have to look at different things like what is the theme of the movie, what audiences is it trying to appeal to, the costumes, the acting, the conflicts between characters, and more. Also film critics can have a lot of different opinions on movies, it doesn’t always have to bad or it doesn’t always have to be good.

Since this class I do approach film differently than I did before, movies like Batman and It’s a Wonderful Life gives me many different perspectives when I watch them again. Also when I watch a film I look at it more in depth than I did before, I look at the character conflicts, the theme the movie is trying to portray or show, how good the acting is, if the acting is good, etc. Also every movie I watch I want to be able to put myself in that same situation and see if what the character emotions are and the actions that they do I would show and do also. When I watch a movie I also know what to look for and how to grade each aspect of the movie because of from what I have learned throughout this whole class.

The things that are in tune with me now in filmmaking is the camera angles, sound, and how those things can affect the movie overall. In filmmaking I know that different camera angles can shape the movie, in the beginning of movies from before that I have watched they put the camera focussing on a person which tells me that this person will be the main character. Also camera angles that are in action movies show either the action close up or from a far away distance which makes you sit at the edge of your seat because you’re able to see the action fully. The sound also is a very important part because sound can make the mood of any situation fell more real. Like an action movie, in the parts where they are fighting the sound will make you listen into the fighting and the music helps build up that suspense that makes you want to sit and keep watching to see what happens next.

The many things that I appreciate know that I have never appreciated before is being able to look at a movie and not only judge it for the way it is but also from what is not only shown in the movie. Also I appreciate the hard work of not only the actors but of the whole crew being able to see different camera angles and picking the sound is amazing in every way for me.

-Josh Rubino


The comedy and cute movie, Boss Baby will be your child’s favorite of all time.

This is a wonderful and creative movie which your child will love to see. Do you want to know where children come from? Do you want to spend time with your children and enjoy this comedy filled movie? Children do you want to see what baby’s talk about with their other baby friends? Well this movie review will tell you a lot about this movie.

This movie is about a baby who is having a special mission to keep babies over their rivals which are puppies. The babies are trying to stop the epidemic of people liking puppies more than babies. If they don’t stop this pandemic puppies can get higher in the cuter scale and take over people liking babies more.

Boss Baby is in the family, animation, and comedy genre. This movie is mostly for families with small kids because of what the story is about. Also it is full of children comedy that doesn’t have any bad jokes and does not you profane language. The message of the movie is family is everything and you always should get to know someone before you judge them because you never know if your views of that person might change.

The director of this movie is Tom McGrath and the main characters are played by Alec Baldwin, Miles Bakshi, Steve Buscemi, Jimmy Kimmel, Lisa Kudrow, and Tobey Maguire. The many conflicts are character vs character because the babies and the puppies are having a conflict and trying to win the love of people. Also mostly throughout the movie Boss Baby and Tim were fighting because they did not like each other very much.

Image result for boss baby

In the beginning it shows where babies comes from so it focuses on the main character which is boss baby. This to me showed that I know that this will be one of the main characters in this movie. Also it focuses on Tim which tells me that will be one of the main characters in the movie. There are many sounds in the movie, in the beginning it has a song about heaven which is linked to the movie because it is showing a baby which looks like he’s in heaven. Also the song is calming and gives you that happiness in the beginning of the movie helping you get settled to watch the movie. Throughout the movie when the conflicts were happening they played adrenaline filmed music and music that gives you a little bit of suspense. This just builds up the conflict which helps you know when the specific action parts come in.

If I had to give this movie a grade then I would give it a 100% because this movie is amazing. For being in the family genre it is great because even as a teen it still made me smile and even put some tears in my eyes when the sad parts came in. This movie was also very full of comedy, I was watching it by myself and the movie still cracked me up. This movie succeeded because of how it is family friendly, funny, and full of action. Also Alec Baldwin plays a really funny role as Boss Baby which makes me just crack up.

Image result for boss baby

In conclusion, this movie is great in many ways, it is for the family and if you want to bond with your kids then this would be the movie to go and watch. Even as a teen I loved this movie because it made me laugh, smile, and put tears in my eyes. For being a children’s movie, this movie showed great emotions of how a relationship can change just because of a conflict that made the characters come together. Also the theme of what the movie is showing you is just good for your children to learn because their enemies might turn into their closest friends like Boss Baby and Tim did.

-Josh Rubino


Hux Film Review

In this blog I will be talking about a short film called Hux. This was a beautiful short film that is amazingly well acted and executed by the amazing Mageina Tovah. This movie might make you shed a tear or two and give you the incite on the amazing character that Mageina Tovah is playing.

This film is remarkably amazing story about a woman dealing with autism. It shows how she goes on about her life and gives you the incite into what dealing with autism really is. Mageina is the woman who is dealing with autism, in the movie she is coping because of her Grandfathers death. In the film it shows you how she depended on her grandfather and the calendar that she wrote on everyday.

In the beginning of the film it shows how her autism really took a toll on her, even though autism got in the way of her social life and made her deal with things in a more difficult way, she was still able to do little things on her own. The first scene shows us her driving to the store and when she got there she was socially awkward and was getting really nervous and anxious.

This film took place in the secluded country were you can tell that there is not a lot of people. This film never really told us the character’s names but you can identify that there were the woman with autism, her grandfather, and the little girl. You can tell that the main film is evolving around the woman because the cameras are always on here and in the beginning it showed you her driving and talking to herself.

The genres of this movie I think, would have to be sci-fi and drama. It is sci-fi because of the civilization getting wiped out and only leaving her or as she thought that she was alone. It is a drama because of all the sadness that could be felt and also the way that you felt bad for her because she was having a difficult time doing easy things that normally people can do but she can’t. I like how she mixed both of these two genres together and maybe even showing a little bit of symbolism because of how alone she felt when her grandfather died.

The cameras in the beginning focused more on her and told us that she was more likely to be the main character. The cameras during the whole film also were really close up to her making you put your focus more on her than anything else. The sound was mostly of just her activities and what she hears going on around her. Also they played music that really made the film have a sad tone and not a delightful mood to it.

In conclusion this movie was amazing overall in my opinion. It really gives you the sense of something that is happening with real people and the way that they deal with things that usually people won’t even worry about. Mageina did a great acting job, you can see her emotion and the way she is trying to really be that character. She also wrote a great story because it shows something that is very real like autism then later it shows how people died off because of something and only leaving her and that little girl. It mixes between reality then possible reality, which I think was really cool and well executed.

Josh Rubino


Captain America: The First Avenger

In this blog I will be reviewing and talking about Captain America: The First Avenger. This movie is full of action and shows the meaning of a real action movie.

Captain America The First Avenger poster.jpg

This movie was in the genres of action and thriller. This movie is in the action genre because of all the fighting between the good guys and the bad guys. It is also in the thriller genre because the events that were happening throughout the movie was suspenseful and made you want to keep watching more. The main event of this whole movie was Steve Rogers turning into Captain America and helping in the war.

The particular category that this movie fits into is superhero, action, and thriller. This movie is in the category of superhero because of how many lives Captain America saved. Captain America also contributed to winning the war and came to be an inspiration among everyone. Like I said in the beginning this fits into an action category because of the fighting and the different events that happened throughout the whole movie. It was a thriller because of all the suspense of if the good guys will ever beat the bad guys.

The main cast and characters are Chris Evans, Tommy Lee Jones, Hugo Weaving, Hayley Atwell, Sebastian Stan, Dominic Cooper, and Stanley Tucci.

This movie had a wonderful theme, the theme was that you should not give up on what you want to do and always keep what’s true to your heart. The events that implemented this was when Steve Rogers tries to enlist in the war but keeps getting rejected but that does not stop him to keep going and try to get enlisted. Also when the doctor gave him the serum he told Steve to always keep a good heart and should never change who he is because of the power he will hold. Steve saved a lot of lives in this movie and uses his abilities for the good, not for the bad.

Image result for captain america the first avenger

The character conflicts are between the bad guys, his problems trying to get enlisted, and he is trying to save lives and the war. The bad guys gave Steve Rogers a lot more trouble, they were between all the chaos and the killings of many innocent people. Steve had problems being enlisted because of his weight and health problems, he wanted to get enlisted so bad and never stopped until he did. As being a hero, Steve saved many lives and contributed to the ending of the war, which saved a lot more lives and soldiers.

There were many different sounds in the movie but mostly they played music that is very suspenseful and exciting so that you will be glued to your seat and it catches your attention. In the beginning they played eerie movie because they came across something that was questionable and weird. Also in this movie they had many gunshots and stuff blowing up to refer back to what a war would sound like. There costumes were great, Captain America had a costume that represented who he was and who he was fighting for. He had a star to show that he was important and that America also stands as a star country because of the 50 stars. Also they costumes that you would see around the 1940s because they are trying to show that the storyline starts in the past and goes to the present day. The acting was great also because it showed how people would really act in the certain situation and also how Captain America had so much emotion when he is fighting for what’s right and the people around him that is helping also shows the same emotion.

I think this succeeded because of how well the acting was and how good the storyline was. Also this movie showed someone getting completely changed from someone small to someone really big, not only physically but also metaphorically. This movie was well thought out, it gave you a good storyline and for me it kept me at the edge of my seat and eyes glued to the screen of my phone.

This movie I think more meant to show how you should not give up and that you can always succeed. It also shows you that you need to stand up for what’s right and always believe in yourself and follow your own heart. This movie I think was intended for teens and adults because of all the violence and that killing. It shows blood and people getting blown up. But I think that kids can watch it too because it gives you someone to look up to and someone who can give you that sense of information.

Josh Rubino


Step Brothers

In this review I will be defending my opinion on why Step Brothers is one of the best comedy films I have ever seen.

Let me get started, Step Brothers is a comedy based on two grown men who are still living with their parents. Their parents happened to meet and it was instant love at first sight. This causes them to get married and pull their two sons together which turns out to be a really bad idea. This movie was funny to me because of how they are fully grown men but still act like little kids. Everything they do is just very childish and you would not normally see this in grown men but maybe out there in the real world there is two men just like this.

Step Brothers is categorized as two types of comedy which is slapstick and parody. It has slapstick comedy when they are hitting each other and fighting with weird objects that they could find. It is parody also because the step brothers take everything to the extreme and the way they act is childish and more of not their own age.

Image result for step brothers movie

The cast in this movie is Will Ferrell, John Reilly, Richard Jenkins, Mary Steenburgen, Adam Scott, and Kathryn Hahn. These are just the main characters of the movie, which had very important roles in the story line. The director of this movie is Adam McKay and the film was released July 25, 2008.

In the box office this movie had the total gross of $100,468,793 and so I can say that this movie did really well money wise. On Rotten Tomatoes it was a very close call on how the audience liked it and disliked it. 55% of the audience disliked it and 69% of the audience liked it. From what I read critics were calling this movie hilarious and one of the funniest movie they’ve seen in the year that it came out.

The editing in the beginning had many cuts between the two stepbrothers which tells the audience who the story will be centered around. In the beginning of the movie it starts of with a song which brings you closer to the movie and other sounds are the main characters talking and the actions that could be heard throughout the movie. There were many different camera angles throughout the movie, in the beginning it was mostly a closed up shot of the the two step brothers and throughout the movie it is mostly a mid range shot to make you focus on the characters.

Josh Rubino

April 1, 2019

The Shawshank Redemption Film Review

As you see from the title, I am doing a review on the film The Shawshank Redemption. In my opinion this movie overall, was amazing. There was great acting, great narrating, and great overall storyline. This film is one of those films that you can watch over and over again. Let’s take a closer look at the film.

The Shawshank Redemption

Let’s first look at a summary that I made about this movie. The Shawshank Redemption film was about a banker named Andy(Tim Robbins), who was set for two life in prison terms because he was accused of killing his wife and her lover. When he went to prison, he met another prisoner named Red(Morgan Freeman) and they became friends. Red was known as the person that could get anything for anybody and he was also the narrator of the story. Andy changed everything in the prison, he affected guards and other inmates. Later in the movie, he found out that he was innocent and tried to tell the warden but the warden disapproved. This made Andy willing to escape at the last part of the story.

The hole that Andy escaped through.

This film’s genres was a drama and faith. The drama part comes in where Andy goes through almost 20 years in jail for a crime that he did not do. Andy got beat up by other prisoners and so the whole story was just sad and depressing. Also throughout the film, Andy made an impact on other prisoners and the prison itself. The faith part is where Andy would tell Red, that he should still have hope on getting out and told Red that, hope can never be taken from them.

Andy telling Red about hope.

This is the list of the cast in The Shawshank Redemption. Tim Green as Andy, he was one of the most impactful character in the story and was the one who escaped in the end. Morgan Freeman as Red, he was the friend of Andy and was the narrator of the whole movie. Bob Gunton as Samuel Norton, he was the cruel warden who ran the prison. William Sadler as Heywood, he was an inmate and was close friends with Red and Andy. Clancy Brown as Byron Hadley, was a cruel prison guard that killed two inmates. Gil Bellows as Tommy Williams, another inmate that was friends with Andy and Red. Tommy also told Andy that he was innocent but was later killed by Byron. James Whitmore as Brooks Hatlen, old librarian and later killed himself because of depression.

The theme to me was that you should have hope through anything that you do and even when something that you are going through is tough, you can still have hope. In the story, Andy told Red that he should have hope because hope is something that no one can ever take from you.

The conflicts in this movie are, the one that I found first was when Andy got convicted of a murder that he did not commit and was convicted of two life sentence terms. Another is where Andy is being targeted by this group, they would beat him up and do stuff to him. Also when Andy found out that he was really innocent but still the warden would not let him leave. Andy to me was the hero in the whole film because of the impact he made to inmates and guards.

This movie was planned out well, good setting, music when there is either a sad mood or a happy mood, and the way that they filmed it seems like the atmosphere was really a prison. I could say that this movie had a sad tone until the end where, Andy escapes and Red gets released.

I think that this movie did succeed because of how great the acting was and just the really inspiring story. I think that this movie should only be for adults because of the killing and cussing.

To wrap this up, in my opinion this was one of the best acted films I have ever saw. The tone and the mood really hits you and you can feel it for yourself, I really recommend you to watch.

Josh Rubino


The Dark Knight Film Evaluation

The Dark Knight(2008)

The main characters in this movie is Batman(Bruce Wayne), Joker, Commissioner Gordon, and Harvey Dent. This movie was about Batman, a so called vigilante who is trying to minimize crime in the city of Gotham. Batman has a few challenges because of the villain which is called Joker, he is creating havoc in the city and killing innocent people just to get under Batman’s skin. Throughout the movie Harvey, Commissioner Gordon, and Batman were trying to stop the Joker. Until Joker kidnaps Harvey and his girlfriend which they get put in a warehouse full of bombs and oil. Harvey and his girlfriend gets blown up in the warehouse but Harvey is the only one who survives but half of his face is burnt. This makes him turn on everyone and he himself turn into a villain trying to get revenge. In the end Harvey and Joker got defeated, Harvey got killed and Joker was put in jail by the police.

Image result for the dark knight
Harvey, Joker, and Batman

The genre of this film is action because of all the fighting and the action that is going on throughout the movie. Audiences who love action and are action seekers should appeal to this movie.

The character conflicts are in the beginning Batman, Commissioner Gordon, and Harvey are trying to minimize the crime going on in the city but Joker makes everything worst by creating havoc throughout the story. Joker’s conflict was that as he was trying to destroy the city but the good guys like Batman keeps stopping him from doing that. Harvey’s conflict was that he was targeted by the mob because of how he was stopping them and also near the end himself and his girlfriend were put in a warehouse where she was killed and he got half of his face burnt. Commissioner Gordon and Batman’s conflict was that they had to take care of all the mobs plus Harvey and Joker. Also Batman had conflicts with society because the people thought he was a villain and that should be put in jail.

Christian Bale(Batman)

This film did not really teach me anything, the closest I could tell that would be teaching me, is that people can change and not everybody is bad if they see hope in something that’s good.

This film uses most of all angles because there is so much going through in this movie like fighting and important characters coming together to collaborate or retaliate against each other. Black was the main color as I could see in this movie, black in this movie represented darkness and death because of all the killings of the mobs and Joker. Also the movie was all about how the city was getting torn apart because of all the dangers and the problems. This impacted the film because of how the color black and the dark lighting sets a mood of the overall movie. This makes you feel like you know that the city was very dark and full of sadness and death. This movie was nominated for best cinematography. The awards are Chicago Film Critics Association Award for Best Cinematography, Florida Film Critics Circle Award for Best Cinematography, Online Film Critics Society Award for Best Cinematography, Dallas–Fort Worth Film Critics Association Award for Best Cinematography, Central Ohio Film Critics Association Award for Best Cinematography, and San Francisco Film Critics Circle Award for Best Cinematography. I believed that this movie deserved all these awards because of how they depicted the storyline. They used dark lighting and dark colors to make the storyline set a mood for how the story was going.

Sound in this movie showed the intensity between different scenes, when Batman was fighting the Joker, they put a song that sounded intense and made you glued to the screen. This movie was nominated for the elements of sound, Satellite Award for Best Sound. I believe that this movie deserves this award because they put sounds that were effective to the storyline, when it was really intense, they put intense music to make you sit on the edge of your seat.

This film did succeed because of the many awards it got and to me it was a really great movie. This movie did work for me because I love action, this movie was filled with that and I also love the concept of superheros. Also the way it was filmed, the storyline, and the custom design was amazing. I would give this movie a 90 percent because in some scenes they could have caught the Joker many times and put him in a place where he could not escape.

Josh Rubino


Itsy Bitsy Spider Examination

Itsy-Bitsy Spider

The itsy-bitsy spider
Climbed up the water spout
Down came the rain
And washed the spider out
Out came the sun
And dried up all the rain
And the itsy-bitsy spider
Climbed up the spout again

Author- Iza Trapani

This is the only song that I could think of that has a conflict and resolution. The character in this story is a itsy bitsy spider, throughout the song the spider is climbing up a water spout until the rain came and washed the spider out. The inciting incident is the spider is trying to go up the water spout. The setting of this song takes place outside on a water spout because it is raining and in the song the spider is climbing a water spout. The conflict in this story is, as the spider tries to climb up the water spout, rain comes and washes the spider off of it. The resolution is that the sun comes out and dries up all of the rain that just washed the spider out, which helps him be able to climb up the water spout again. I think that this would be a short animated film because it is a kids nursery rhyme, so I would see it as cartoonish and kid friendly.

Josh Rubino


What Film Baggage Means to Me and Why

Film baggage to me is reviews and opinions on movies that you have watch and knowing what movies you liked and disliked. People have all kinds of film baggage, some positive and some negative. Let’s start with my positive film baggage, the genres that I love are comedy and action. These genres are apart of my positive side of my film baggage. Some examples of movies from both of those genres are Step BrothersJohn Wick, and Venom.   

Photo Creds- Google Image Search
John Wick TeaserPoster.jpg
Photo Creds- Google Images Search
Photo Creds- Google Image Search

These movies are my absolute favorites, John Wick and Venom are both full of action and scenes that makes you glued to the TV. The fighting and all the action makes the movies so suspenseful. Step Brothers is full of comedy about two grown men acting like children throughout the movie. Step Brothers had me laughing because of what the actors were doing and saying. Comedy and action are just what I love to watch and with no doubt are in my film baggage.

Next is my negative film baggage, this film baggage is about all the movies and genres that I dislike. The genres that are in my negative film baggage are horror and romance. I don’t have any examples of movies from romance but to me it just all seems boring and cheesy. On the other hand, I have a movie from horror which is The Conjuring. Why I strongly dislike this movie was all the scenes and the scares that were happening throughout the movie. Also how the filmmakers put scary music in scenes when the viewer knows something is about to happen. Horror movies will have me up all night and alert throughout the whole day.

In all honesty I want to be able to expand my film passage in the genres category. I want to explore mystery and explore more of horror . Even though I said I disliked horror, maybe I will be able to move it to my positive film baggage in the future, after I have watched many more films.

I think for the only way to get over this is to me figure out why some genres and movies are in my positive and negative film baggages and also knowing that I will not always like and dislike movies. This is why I want to expand my film baggage, I want to be able to tell what movies I will like and not like.


Josh Rubino

What Film Means To Me

Image result for calm place
This represents how I am calm and I love seeing the beauty in everything.

Hello, my name is Josh Rubino and I am currently a ninth grader at Cleveland Early College High School. I am the only child so my parents usually take me places or let me hang out with friends to take up most of my time during the day. I love going to the movies and seeing different movies, the first time I ever went to the movies was when I was around six and after that I have been hooked on watching movies, the first movie that I watched was Chicken Little. Experiencing watching my first movie and watching it on a really big screen caught my attention at a young age. My favorite genres of movies are comedy and action. I love comedy and action because who doesn’t like laughing and watching something that is action pact. Also I love movies that can inspire me to do something. The movie genre that I dislike is romance, in my opinion it is boring and nothing but a waste of money and time. My most favorite films are Blind Side, Facing the Giants, and Step Brothers.

Facing the Giants
Step Brothers
The Blind Side

These movies are just the few that I like. Facing the Giants and The Blind Side are inspirational movies that are about different characters overcoming obstacles and succeeding. The Blind Side was a true story and the football player that is on the cover, is now playing in the pro level which is the NFL. Step Brothers to me was really funny and all through the whole movie I was laughing the whole time. Comedy just makes you laugh and smile, watching comedy might make your bad days better and make your good days even better.

I also love action movies, my most liked action movies are the John Wick series and the Fast and the Furious series. I love the concept of action movies, they are fun to watch and you are entertained with all the action going on throughout the movie. Also the action in the Marvel series are full of action like the superheroes fighting the villains and the suspense of who will defeat the other.

I have so much respect for all the actors and the people who helps create all these wonderful movies. I know it takes time and talent for actors to get their parts right and I just have so much respect because they are putting out movies for us to watch and enjoy.

Josh Rubino, 04/4/19